Metropolitan Epifaniy expresses profound anger and sorrow over daily Russian atrocities in Ukraine. He condemns the culpability of the Kremlin’s demonic tyranny, particularly highlighting the heartbreaking loss of five children in Odessa due to Russian weapons. The names of these young victims join the ranks of over half a thousand Ukrainian children whose lives have been cut short by the malicious actions of Russian aggressors.

In the Shadow of Tragedy: Russian Atrocities Against Odessa Civilians and the Loss of Innocent Lives

Metropolitan Epifaniy: The Russian empire of evil continues to destroy Ukrainians every day. Each new shelling, explosion, infliction of wounds, and killing only multiplies the guilt of the Kremlin’s diabolical tyranny, echoing in our hearts with pain and anger.


However, amid all these tragic reports that cut through our hearts daily, the news of Russian brutality against peaceful Odessa residents, the loss of five children, their family, and loved ones due to the impact of Russian weapons, will not leave any heart untouched.

4-month-old Timofiy, 7-month-old Liza, 3-year-old Mark, 8-year-old Zlata, and Sergiychyk, who was about to turn 10 in July. These names are added to the list of over half a thousand Ukrainian children whose lives have already been cut short by the evil will of Russian invaders.

Their blood is on the hands of all those who give orders and execute them to the Russian military, on the hands of those who continue to serve tyranny and justify it. This includes the leader of the Moscow Patriarchate, Gundyayev, and his accomplices, who nurture the ideology of the “Russian world” and consider this diabolical war “sacred.”

Like pagans of the past sacrificing to the idol of the empire, you bring Ukrainian children, shedding their blood. May all biblical punishments, designated for the devil and his servants, fall upon you for this terrible sin before God and humanity!

To all the innocent ones who perished at the hands of these servants of Satan – eternal memory and the Heavenly Kingdom! May the Lord rest their souls with the saints, and may strength be granted to their families and loved ones to bear the pain of tragic loss. Our prayers and condolences are with you.

Source: Metropolitan Epifaniy